Entryway Ideas: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Entrance

Spicing up your curb appeal and fixing your entryway are two of the most important ways to make sure your home makes a great first impression that will wow all your guests and show them what a wonderful host you are.

However, even though these things sound simple enough, you need to put some time and energy into them, especially if you want to create the most wonderful entrance in the world. Proper entrances require proper décor, so here are a few ideas that will take both your indoor and your outdoor space to a whole new level.


Start by Decluttering

This might easily be the most boring and tedious task in the world, but it’s still something you have to do if you want your entrance to pop and become more special than ever. With so many interesting ideas, you can even make some small changes and still get some great results.

Decorate Your Entrance

Decluttering your entryway doesn’t take a lot of time and shouldn’t be too exhausting, and it’s actually rather easy if you know what you’re doing.

Start with keeping only those items you need to be close to the entrance and try to be realistic what you need and don’t need. Once you remove everything you don’t need, you’ll be able to furnish, decorate and remodel your entryway, and make it extra special.

Add a New House Number

This is another easy trick that goes a long way, and it’s simpler than people realize. Creating and designing your own house number can show the world just how creative and imaginative you are, and it will add a dose of charm and cuteness to your home.

Decorate Your Entrance

You can turn this into a fun DIY weekend project and explore various options and materials – from wood and steel to aluminum and glass – as well as different colors and patterns. If you want to create a statement house number, you can create one that will light in the dark so everyone can see your house number even during the night.

Apart from that, you can decorate it with flowers, some metal signs or even some hand-painted pieces. This feature should work well with your façade, but it also needs to stand out a bit, so make sure all your guests can see it – not to mention your postman!

Install a New Front Door

If you really want to make your entryway stand out and do something great for your indoor and outdoor space, you need to install a new front door. This is a solution that works on so many levels – it protects your home, makes it easier for you to regulate indoor temperature, boosts the aesthetic appeal of your living space and introduces a dose of elegance into it – and is something you definitely need to invest your time into.

Decorate Your Entrance

Finding the perfect entrance doors that will do all of these things is easy if you rely on people with proper experience and skills, so look for professionals who can deliver such a door to your home.

Keep in mind that this is also crucial if you want to keep your family safe and secured which is one of the most important things why many homeowners pay special attention to their entrance.

A Seating Bench With a Twist

We all love having a seating bench in our entryway – it’s a great way for relaxing after arriving home, tying your shoes or putting down your groceries. However, seating benches are far more than that, and they can serve multiple purposes you’ve never anticipated.

You can add a few pillows and turn them into a welcoming area for your guests and a spot where they can relax after coming to your home. You can also turn them into a small but functional storage area that can help you keep your entryway clean and decluttered.

Decorate Your Entrance

On the other hand, you can use this storage space for all the shoes you and your family need on the daily basis and keep them always on hand. Also add a coat rack so your guest are able to leave their jackets right at the entrance without carrying them through your house.

Photos, photos, photos

Now, if you want to show your guests what you’re really about, decorate your entryway with family photos. Turning this space into an impromptu art gallery that features every member of your family is a wonderful idea that’s easy to put into practice and even easier to maintain.

There are lots of display ideas you can explore, so just find a pattern you like and enough photos to cover every inch of free space on your entryway walls.

Decorate Your Entrance

Keep in mind that you’ll have to frame each photo first, and that could turn out to be rather expensive, so find cheap and easy DIY ideas you can explore, from designing your own frames to displaying your photos using strings.


The problem with entryways is that people generally don’t give them enough love, focusing all their attention on their bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. But, if you start thinking outside the box for a while and explore some of the ideas presented here, you’ll be able to add some character to your entryway, turn it into the focal point of your home, and make it more special than it’s ever been!

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