5 Tips to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Spending more time outdoors is a very healthy goal to set for 2023. Spending time in nature is great for our mental health, and we’re all a little short on vitamin D these days.


However, getting motivated to sit outdoors instead of lounging on the couch can be tough. One great way to help yourself with this new habit is to really invest in your outdoor space. If you make the area inviting, you’ll be more likely to spend time out there. Here are some tips to get you started.

Keep it Low-Maintenance

Nobody wants to hang out in a backyard that’s overgrown and simply serves as a sore reminder of all the work you should have been doing in it.

Keep your outside area low-maintenance by incorporating plants that don’t thrive in your existing conditions and don’t require a lot of work. You can even put in artificial turf instead of grass, keeping your lawn looking lush and gorgeous all year round without any effort – the neighbours don’t even need to know.

Consider the Purpose

Think about what you want the purpose of your outdoor space to be, and curate it to fit those needs.

If you have younger children, your outdoor space might be an area you’d like to dedicate largely to play. Creating a safe and fun playground will be your top priority. If you love to host, you might want to set up a comfortable dining area where you can grill to your heart’s content. Perhaps you simply want to sit in the shade and read a book in the afternoons – a simple bench will do the trick.

Make it Natural

Of course, going outside means you’ll be in nature, but you run the risk of drowning out the greenery and plant life if you focus too much on furniture and other manmade stuff.

Decorate and curate the space to make it functional and inviting, but make sure to hold onto that breezy, outdoor feeling too. Keep some potted flowers on the patio, add a tyre swing to a big tree, or incorporate a relaxing water feature for those calming sounds.

Bring in Comfort

Let’s face it, you’re not going to want to sit out there on those rickety old wooden chairs that were passed down from your grandma. Comfort is important!

Invest in a luxurious swing bench with colourful cushions, or a set of extra comfy outdoor sofas that will encourage you to lounge about outside instead of staying indoors all weekend.

Create Ambience

The final touch you can add to your outdoor space is a touch of ambience, especially for those quiet summer evenings spent at the grill, or simply enjoying the breeze after dinner.

Adding in some creative lighting ideas can also add tremendously to the ambience. Consider fairy lights or some lanterns around the yard. An outdoor sound system is also a great idea – this can be used when you have people over for parties or dinners, or even just some quiet, relaxing background music when you’re looking for some alone time.

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