Create a Cozy Bed to Help You Sleep: All You Need To Know

Quality sleep is underrated. These days, everyone is so busy that sleep seems like the last thing on their to-do lists, even if it should be first. Numerous studies have shown that getting a good night’s sleep is beneficial for nearly all aspects of your health, from the mental to the physical.


With proper sleep, anxiety levels go down with proper sleep, weight loss is easier, and productivity is higher. And making a cozy bed that’s ideal for sleep goes beyond adding a weighted blanket. It’s about creating the perfect sleeping environment starting from the ground up.

The Base

As you might imagine, the mattress you choose for your bed is going to matter more than anything else when it comes to quality sleep. There are all types of mattresses, including air, foam, and spring. Take the necessary time to try various materials to make sure you choose the right mattress for your needs. Not everyone has the same sleep style, so be sure your selection is going to provide the right amount of support and comfort for you.

Along with the mattress, invest some time in choosing between two and four sleep pillows for your cozy bed. Pillows are incredibly important to quality sleep. You’ll want a pillow or two that will fully support your neck and head throughout the entire night. These also come in various types, so research will be necessary.

The Linens

Don’t skimp on your sheets and blankets. You can find cheap sheets almost anywhere, but they aren’t going to make your bed feel cozy at all. If you’re looking for linens that will help you sleep, choose luxurious sheets that are high in thread count and made of soft material like cotton, silk, or even hemp. High-quality sheets will feel great against your skin and they’ll help regulate your temperature as well.

As previously mentioned, a weighted blanket will increase the cozy factor of your bed. Choose one from a reputable company like Yogibo, which will be filled with a superior weighted filler and will have a durable, washable cover. In general, a blanket that weighs 10% or so of your body weight will help you sleep more soundly than a lighter one.

The Toppers

Last but not least, a cozy bed will be topped with a lightweight duvet or bedspread, a few throw pillows, and a throw blanket. You don’t want your duvet or bedspread to be too heavy, especially if you already have a weighted blanket on the bed. It really should be mostly just for decoration, but if chosen well, it will make your bed extremely inviting when you’re ready to climb in at bedtime. A soft, puffy duvet or bedspread will be both lightweight and comfortable to sleep under.

In addition to the two-to-four sleeping pillows that you’ll want to invest time in choosing, a couple of throw pillows will add a nice touch to your bed, again increasing the attraction factor. You want your bed to look inviting when you’re tired, but you don’t want to have so many throw pillows that it takes you 20 minutes to take them all off the bed so you can find a place to sleep. A single lightweight throw blanket at the foot of your bed will complete this tempting presentation.


Part of combating insomnia is creating a comfy, cozy place to sleep. Your bed must call to your body when you’re tired and using the tips here will give you a bed that knows just how to make you so comfortable that you’ll find it difficult not to sleep.

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