4 Times You’ll Need Concrete Cutting Services

There are many reasons why you might need to hire a company that specializes in concrete cutting in Northwest Arkansas. Whether you are renovating your office space or doing some major upgrades in your home, professional concrete cutting may be necessary as part of the process.


Concrete cutting is a controlled process that involves the removal or modification of concrete. This concrete may be part of a property or a wall, so it’s usually strong and sturdy, which is why it requires high-quality tools to cut and modify.

Professional concrete cutting companies will have the perfect tools for the job. Their equipment will be a lot more powerful and efficient than the concrete cutting tools are available to the average homeowner.

There are many different situations that require powerful and precise concrete cutting tools. It may be to make a hole for a new front doorway or to cut through a concrete wall for a home renovation.

Here are four of the most common reasons why people hire a professional concrete cutting company.

Indoor Home Renovations

One of the most common reasons why many people hire concrete cutting services is for a home renovation. Most commonly, it is bathroom or kitchen renovations that tend to require concretes removal or modification.

For example, if you want to rearrange the structural layout of your property, this is likely going to require the movement or removal of a concrete wall. This is a task that will require precise concrete cutting tools.

Another common home renovation that professional concrete cutting companies often perform is the removal of concrete to make room for a door or window. A diamond blade tool would be used to cut an opening into the large slab of concrete, so that a hole can be created for the new doorway or window frame.

Outdoor Home Renovations

For patio or driveway renovations, concrete must be removed and replaced.

High precision tools can be used to complete this task quickly and safely. Using the right concrete cutting equipment will ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding area or underlying ground.

Large Scale Constructions

When public roads or bridges are being constructed, concrete cutting services known as wire sawing are required.

Horizontal slabs of concrete may be cut and modified to make way for the new constructions and any underground plumbing that is required. In this situation, a slab so would be used. Wire sawing is also used for parking deck column construction or for the removal of bridge columns or piers.

Elevator Openings

For business owners who have just bought a brand-new multi story office for their employees, they may use concrete cutting services to renovate the building and add elevators.

Often, large slabs of concrete are removed from the walls of the property to make room for new elevator openings on each floor. Diesel and electric slab saws would be used for this type of concrete cutting service.

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