Beautiful Autumn Inspired Colours for Hardwood Flooring

A quick glance out of the window will tell you that summer is well and truly over, replaced with autumn and the amazing array of natural colours that it brings with it. Is it any wonder that autumn is such a popular season when mother nature offers us such a wide variety of natural textures and shades that can be a real inspiration when it comes to doing work on the inside of your home?


Beautiful Autumn Inspired Colours for Hardwood Flooring

Autumn is also a great time to start thinking about all those indoor home improvements, getting your home ready for Christmas, and if a new wood floor is one of the big things on your list then suppliers such as Just Wood, have a truly stunning range of wood floors that will fit seamlessly into any autumn inspired colour scheme.


Autumn is all about rich, deep colours; shades that bring a real hint of warmth and depth to any room or colour scheme. So, forget about the paler shades of wood like Ash, Beech and Birch which although they are truly stunning are much lighter than the other woods that feature in the autumn colour palette.

Instead look for woods like Jarrah, Jatoba, Merbau, Rosewood or even Walnut which are all much deeper, rich reddish brown and dark brown colours the perfect examples of autumnal colours. Whilst you might have encountered some of these types of wood before there is a good chance you won’t be familiar with them all.


You might not have heard of Jarrah, but it is certainly worthy of consideration. This beautiful Australian hardwood is quite dark in colour; varying in shade from a salmon pink to a richer deeper red colour. Over time exposure to the light will see these shades become richer and the colour much deeper, in fact you could end up with a floor that is a deep Burgundy in colour – a truly autumnal shade.

This is a very durable wood, making it the ideal choice for any higher traffic room - it doesn’t dent or scratch easily.


Sometimes referred to as Brazilian Cherry, this is another great choice for anyone looking for a very durable hardwearing wood floor. This is also another wood that certainly fits into the autumn colour palette, ranging from salmon pink at the lighter end of the scale to rich, reddish browns. 

Jatoba can also have occasional darker brown streaks. And like Jarrah, over time this beautiful wood will become deeper in colour.


If you prefer something that is more on the brown spectrum, rather than heading towards the reds of autumn, then Merbau could be just the wood for you. This wood varies from orangey-brown to a darker reddish-brown, but with a slight twist.

Merbau is often found with tiny mineral deposits on the surface, and it is these deposits that give it a stunning slight golden fleck in places that really echoes the colours of autumn. Be warned though, over time these flecks may fade and become more subtle in colour. This is another very sturdy hardwood floor, and because it is resistant to both moisture and humidity it is ideal for either a bathroom or a kitchen.


Let's not forget that once the reds and oranges of autumn begin to fade, we still have a stunning array of browns to look at and walnut represents those perfectly. Deep rich dark brown in colour the natural lines, knots and rings in walnut will appear lighter. This is a stunning wood with a beautiful grain that would be perfect for any autumn inspired colour scheme.


Wood comes in so many different shades and colours, meaning it really is the perfect source of autumn colour inspiration for your home. After all, I hope you find out a perfect choice for your home improvement.

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