Modern Holiday: Christmas Décor Tips For A Minimalist Home

Although it is hard to imagine minimalistic Christmas since the mere idea of holiday decorations evokes Las Vegas colors, there are ways to pare down the whole thing and make the simplicity shines in all its glory. When it comes to decoration, minimalistic design can be quite cheerful since it relies on reduced shapes that indicates festive atmosphere, yet without excessive colors and details.

Ornaments reduced to two or three colors (max), with accentuated lights can lift up the Christmas spirit just as well as traditional decoration, only this time without unnecessary flamboyance and tackiness. Here are some Christmas decor tips on how to get ready for holidays in minimalistic style. Also you can have a look at these Christmas wishes to wish your loved ones on this special occasion.


Go Through Old Boxes

Every household has some old boxes with some hideous Christmas decoration that will surely fail to meet minimalistic standards, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw it all away. Instead of getting rid of it, take time to go through that colorful junk and see if there is something that can still be of use.

If you find something that you are emotionally attached to, don’t be afraid to display it since one or two details will not harm the minimalistic concept.

Toss And Buy

After you’ve picked the good pieces, make sure to do some Christmas decluttering. Throw them or give them away, since there is always someone who will be delighted to use it. Before you go shopping for additional decoration, make sure that you already have a clear vision of how you want this to look.

Avoid impulse shopping by making a list and buy only necessary stuff. Remember to stick with simple shapes and colors and not to go overboard.

Establish The Focal Point

Choose the spot that will stand as the focal point since it is the area that will hold the most of the decoration. Those that are lucky to have a fireplace have the perfect spot for hanging stockings and string lights.

Do not neglect other parts of your home but try to be moderate about it. Use minimalistic curtains Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and all other big city stores can certainly provide for the holidays as window decoration.Keep away from covering the surfaces, let them breathe instead.

Make A Tree Out Of Drinking Straws

Use drinking straws to make a geometric tree. It is a form that can resemble the tree or stand as minimalistic sculpture even after the holidays. Choose black or white drinking straws and hang a few ornaments on it. Drinking straws can be great material for those who are crafty and inspired to make decoration themselves.

Consider Metal Tree

Nothing states minimalism more than metal structure, so for this holidays consider getting or making a tree made of metal. Metal tree is easy to decorate, only make sure the color fits the interior. You can choose from black steel to yellow brass, or simply pick silver metallic material since it is neutral, while it allows colorful ornaments.

Outline The Tree

The perfect solution for small spaces since it doesn’t consume space at all. Aside from that, it doesn’t get much minimal than having an outlined tree with the tape. However, when it comes to ornaments, make sure they match the tree and think of how to hang them. Lay Christmas gifts on the floor next to the tree and enjoy this fantastic minimalistic idea.

No Tree At All

Break the rules but in a stylish way. No Christmas tree is fine, but include some other elements that will celebrate the Christmas spirit. Stars, for example, are also part of the Christmas aesthetics so you can’t go by without those. Make the stars your focal point and complement them with some tasty ornaments. Make sure to use black, grey, silver and white stars.

Use A Branch

A walk to the park will bring you a perfect decorative item that you can use in various ways. Use the branch to hang ornaments and socks or just white lights. Place it in the corner instead of a tree and ornament it with silver sprayed pine cones.

Play With Lights

Use string lights to lit the room and be creative. String lights are easy to handle since you can get any shape possible. Make sure to use white ones or not more than two colors. Use them as tree ornaments or fill the glass candle holders to create a dreamlike atmosphere.


Minimalistic Christmas may lack colors or details, but on the other hand, it lifts up the Christmas mood with style and wit. Less is more even when it comes to decoration so make sure to follow the rules of minimalism and have sophisticated yet magical ornamentation that will represent the Christmas spirit with a strong statement of chic and good taste.

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