Think Outside The House: Choosing The Right Home Exterior Color

The exterior sends a certain message to the neighborhood about your home's personality. The attractiveness of exterior will depend on the architectural details and features you choose, but also on the color of the facade.

The trick is to make the right choice on the color because it will attract the most attention when a person first sees your home. So, here is how you will make the best decision.


Consider History

If your hose is an older one, maybe you could consider a color scheme appropriate to the historical period your house belongs to. You'll need professional help to determine what the original colors on the house were.

Another option is to use a historic color chart, selecting the most used shades at the time your house was built. Depending on the historic period, you'll need more or fewer colors.

Define Its Personality

First, you need to decide what type of personality you want your house to reflect. Will it merge with the neighborhood or will it stand out? Will it be cheerful and inviting or soothing and refined? Personality will dictate the colors, so decide what you want your house to be.

Choosing The Right Home Exterior Color

Pay Attention To Nature

If you are looking for an inspiration, what is a better place to find it than nature? Stand in front of your house and take a good look around - what is the landscape like? Maybe your front yard garden will inspire you to try out more vivid colors. Or the trees surrounding the house will offer a calming green and brown palette.

If the house is near the beach, why not let the water gives its blue or turquoise shades? The last part of nature to pay attention to is the sun? Does it shine directly onto the house throughout the day? Remember - colors will have a different effect depending on the amount of light they get in the daytime.

Use Architectural Details As Guidelines

If your house is rich in architectural features, it would be a shame not to highlight them by using different shades. Look for the details sticking out or interesting spots on the facade - maybe they should look nicer if painted in appropriate color.

For these details, the colors that work best are terra cotta orange and weathered white. If you are also thinking about the roof color, warm brown shades will highlight its uniqueness.

Choosing The Right Home Exterior Color

Living Room As A Source Of Inspiration

Exterior color should be connected to the colors of the interior, especially with the living room - after all, the living room is where you spend most of your time, which means it reflects your style and personality, so why not make it clear from the first look at the house?

Take a look at the color of your furniture and the most important details in the living room - what are the dominant colors? What message are they sending? The point is to harmonize the interior and exterior, and color is the shortest way to do it.

Use Traveling Memories

The places we visited tend to stick for a long time, so why not permanently have a reminder of a beautiful vacation we have experienced? Remember the colors that prevailed on that vacation - maybe those were bright colors such as sunny yellow or coral, reminding you of that exotic place you enjoyed.

Choosing The Right Home Exterior Color

Maybe it's the color of lavender, mirroring some beautiful flower field you once encountered. Just remember not to go overboard with these unique colors when it comes to the exterior - its beauty is in limited use.

Landscape Influence

You could make your decision on the facade color depending on how you arranged your curb appeal and your front garden.

For example, if there is an abundance of foliage in the front of the house, then maybe red shades will be a good solution for the facade. The point is to use the color to highlight the beauty of landscaping elements of your curb, whether to complementary colors or through similar shades.

Choosing The Right Home Exterior Color

House Paint Features To Have In Mind

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, here's what you need to know about house paint:

Color deceptions - choosing a paint in a store can be tricky - many residential painters in Sydney, as well as in other cities, warn the customers about the effect the sunlight has on certain paint. This means that the color chosen in the store won't look the same when applied on the facade under the sunlight. So, it's best to buy a small quantity of color and apply it on one are and let it just be for some time.

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