What Is Behind Your Child’s Fear of Going to the Doctor?

Why do children fear going to the doctor and dentist? Learn about the psychology behind the fear of going to the doctor here.

If your little one is like most kids, they'll do anything to get out of a trip to the doctor. One poll found that as much as 50% of kids between the ages of two and five are afraid of the doctor.


But what's behind this fear of going to the doctor? And moreover, what can you do to make your child see the doctor as a friend and not a foe?

This article will explore some of the prevailing theories about kids and their anxiety around doctors. Plus we'll look into some tips you can use to help your children get over their concerns. Make sure to keep reading!

Where Does the Fear of Going to the Doctor Come From?

Imagine you're placed in a big room with little explanation. A stranger walks in and you have no idea what to expect.

Most people would feel understandably jittery about the situation. In essence, that's what your kids go through when they see a doctor.

It's that fear of the unknown that fuels their anxiety.
Likewise, an injection with a sharp needle is just about the worst thing a kid could imagine. If they believe there's a chance they'll need to get a shot - even if it's something as mundane as a flu shot - there's a high likelihood your child will get fussy.

Helping Your Kids Conquer Their Fears

It's heartbreaking to see your child scared. And yet, as an adult, you understand that it's impossible to ignore doctor's visits.
Before your young one's next visit, try the following techniques to calm their fear.

Let Them Know What to Expect

Since it's ultimately the fear of the unknown that drives most kids to fear the doctor, education is your best friend.
Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they must be feeling. Then, in terms they can understand, explain to them what will happen during the visit.

Let Them Accompany You to a Doctor's Visit

The good news is that children learn from example. As a result, you can turn your trip to the family physician into a positive experience by taking them with you.

Show them that the doctor is there to help, not hurt. Once they see you go through the visit, their anxiety levels should go down considerably.

Talk It Out

A great doctor, like a pediatric dentist, will be more than happy to talk with your child about their concerns. Once you've found a doctor that you trust, let your child ask them questions.

Pediatric doctors understand how nervous kids can get, so don't worry, your doctor is here to help.

Say Goodbye to Unease

While fear of going to the doctor is common for young ones, helping them get over their fears early on encourages a happy, healthy life. So try these tips today and see how they work for you!
And don't forget to check back for more helpful parenting tips!

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