7 Important Things To Check In The Pre-Build Stage

If you're planning to start any construction project, there are a few essential things you'll need to check in the pre-build stage. Any construction project can only commence when all the pre-build legalities are checked.


Even though the pre-build stage can be challenging, it ensures that the building is legally strong and sturdy.

So, before you start searching for an environmental drilling company, you'll need to check these seven crucial legal details.

Legal Clearance Of Land

Before any construction project can start, you must legally obtain complete control over the site. You'll need to complete all the legal processes that define you as the site owner. If you don't, you won't be able to receive funds from financing sources.

A property card, title and search report, sale deed, land demarcations, and society allotment letter are all relevant in this regard.

Acquire Project Financing

No commercial construction project can continue for long unless financing is in good order. So it makes sense to make sure strong financing is in place before starting the construction project.

Architectural Documents And Approvals

Next, you must consider any relevant third-party approvals. You won't be able to start the project without approval from specific authorities. With this, you can have a general contractor or architect handle this detail.

Nevertheless, the primary elements you will need approval on are the local building rules, construction precautions that must be adhered to, construction team licensing, building plans and drawings, and health and safety assurance.

Site Clearance And Safety Measures

It's also essential that the building's footprint and two meters of surrounding space are cleared before construction starts. This detail ensures that construction vehicles carrying any building materials can reach the building site easily.

This safety measure can prevent legal stay on the project in the event of an accident.

A Precise Project Management Plan

To keep the project running smoothly, it's essential that your team knows what the plan is and are ready to deliver. For this, it's vital to have a precise project management plan in place.

Designate The Right Consultants

It's also vital to appoint the most suitable consultants that listen to you and consider your needs. From the design architect and structural consultant to the site supervisor, civil contractor, drilling company, and electrical consultant, it's vital to work with the right consultants right from the start.

Finding the right consultants is sometimes challenging, but the best approach is typically to rely on referrals, read online reviews, and compare pricing.

Time Estimate

Lastly, it's crucial to estimate the completion time for the project as well. Calculate the estimated time based on real task completion times and add some time for potential unexpected delays. Calculating a time estimate is as important as estimating project costs.

An accurate time estimate will help you stay on track with the construction project. Even during the project, you must consider the time estimate for each task and activity.

Checking these key points of the pre-build stage is essential for a successful commercial construction project. Once you have cleared all of these points, you can start your construction project.

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