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MDF vs Plywood: Every Thing You Need To Know

It can be tough to decide what to use for your furniture when there are plenty of options available like MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and plywood. I am often confronted with questions from people regarding their usage and so I thought it apt to put up an article detailing MDF Vs plywood.

While MDF is generally cheaper, it is not as hard as plywood. Since it does not go very well with moisture, it is better to use plywood for outdoor furniture. Here, I have compared MDF and plywood on the basis of different criteria for ease of understanding.

3 Poisonous Plants That Cause The Most Allergies – Everything You Need To Know

Can you name one plant that causes allergic reactions to over 85% of the worlds population when coming into contact with it? Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, & Poison Sumac are poisonous plants that dwell in most parts of the United States and can camouflage itself in your garden. Without knowing its whereabouts or its defining characteristics, this can certainly ruin a weekend if infected--over 50 million Americas fall victim to these plants each year.

6 Invincible Differences About CPVC vs PVC: Which One Is Right For You?

Many of us have heard the term PVC in our day to life. But how many of you know the full form of these 3 letters? What does CPVC stand for? In this article, we will be talking more about CPVC vs. PVC and how they outweigh each other.

If we exclude the negative environmental aspects of plastic, it has been one of the man’s most versatile and malleable creations. There are literally hundreds of different varieties and types of plastic and they have been used in almost all spheres our daily life. Two of the most commonly used types of plastic are PVC and CPVC.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last: Is It Worth The Investment?

Vinyl sidings are the exterior sidings used around the houses for weather proofing and decoration purposes. The exterior vinyl sidings are made of PVC resin and replace the age old wood and other materials such as aluminum and cement. The reason behind the ever-rising popularity of vinyl siding is its resistance to flame and self-ignition. That said; do you know how long does vinyl siding last? We will find out in this article.