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DIY: How To Remove Thinset On Your Own

You all must have come across a layer of mortar, adhesive in nature, beneath tiles and grout. The main purpose of this layer is to hold the tiles properly. This is known as thinset and it is made with the help of fine sand particles, cement and a small portion of water holding agent. In this article, we will have a deeper insight on how to remove thinset.

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How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Getaway

Remember when backyards used to be just a part of your home’s exterior? Well, those times have passed, because today a backyard is basically an outdoor living space. Whether you choose to relax, or entertain yourself and your friends in your backyard, this outdoor space can be a real sanctuary, but only if you decorate it in such a manner.

With a few easy and creative tips, you’ll be able to create a nice little haven where you can enjoy a spa treatment, sip cocktails or get some tan during summer months.

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How to Install House Wrap the Right Way?

Has your house become permeable? Is there any mold growth due to the outside moisture? Are you thinking about house wraps but are still confused whether they will be able to prevent moisture or not? Will they inhibit mold growth and help in drafts? Do you want to know how to install a house wrap? Well, we are here for you. In this article, we will be discussing this and more.

How To Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath: All You Need To Know

There are many aspects of house remodels. Some are done to accommodate growing families, others to increase comfort, or very often, to increase the value of a home. Changing your half-bath, also known as, the powder room, can be demanding but it has its benefits. Have a look at the general remodeling outline and look for references online if you are interested in people’s experiences.