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3 Amazing Tips for Decorating with Vintage Finds

Today, we have a contributed topic by Diana, a full-time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. She will share with us her experience in vintage decorating with just some simple vintage finds.

The beauty of vintage decor is that it’ll offer you an eye-catching, yet functional look. No matter how glamorous your living space may be, with a few pieces of rustic furniture, some charming accents and the right choice of colour palette, your home will get a touch of antique elegance that will perfectly fit the rest of the decor.


Can You Paint Vinyl Siding: Find Out All You Need To Know

Are you worried about the fading color, dents, cracks, bending, melting, damage, repair, toxicity and moisture content of your vinyl panels? Are you thinking that can you paint the vinyl siding? The answer is yes. Vinyl siding is the best option for most of the homes and can it be painted. Not to worry read this article and find it out.

Like other substrates, vinyl sidings before painting needs many preparations and the good thing about it is that it requires less surface prep than any other type of siding. Your question can you paint vinyl siding will vanish soon on reading the below-given procedure.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last: Is It Worth The Investment?

Vinyl sidings are the exterior sidings used around the houses for weather proofing and decoration purposes. The exterior vinyl sidings are made of PVC resin and replace the age old wood and other materials such as aluminum and cement. The reason behind the ever-rising popularity of vinyl siding is its resistance to flame and self-ignition. That said; do you know how long does vinyl siding last? We will find out in this article.


Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas for DIY Dads

Almost every dad is a bit of a DIY buff. If it just so happens that your dad is really into making things and you’re struggling with finding a great Father’s Day gift, don’t despair. There are thousands of great gift ideas for your DIY dad, but they don’t necessarily have to include drills and tools. Look for something more creative, and here are some ideas to get you started.


5 Type Of Drywall Texture For Your House’s Aesthetic Look

In this article, we will be talking about the different type of drywall texture and some of the methods used in the application of the said drywall.

Building or renovating your house can be a hard and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of planning and idea to create your dream home. Choosing the different parts and aspects of your new or remodeled home can also be a hard task with a lot of choices and opinions. But one thing that people do not associate with a lot of variety or options is the type of drywall texture or finish to use on their walls.