Can You Paint Vinyl Siding: Find Out All You Need To Know

Are you worried about the fading color, dents, cracks, bending, melting, damage, repair, toxicity and moisture content of your vinyl panels? Are you thinking that can you paint the vinyl siding? The answer is yes. Vinyl siding is the best option for most of the homes and can it be painted. Not to worry read this article and find it out.

Like other substrates, vinyl sidings before painting needs many preparations and the good thing about it is that it requires less surface prep than any other type of siding. Your question can you paint vinyl siding will vanish soon on reading the below-given procedure.


Let's take a look at the pre-process steps you need to follow before coming in the real painting process:

Vinyl Siding Painting Pre-Process

Initial Cleaning

It can be done as follows:

  • The dirt and grime can be removed from the vinyl sidings with a liquid TSP substitute either by scrubbing or pressure washing.
  • For the removal of molds and mildew, spray the siding with one part bleach to four parts of water.

Washing And Drying

Let the siding have rest for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with water and then let it dry thoroughly.

Patch Test

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Take a tiny patch test on the vinyl siding with the sample paint by applying various coats of paint till you get the perfect shade.

Adhesion Test

Most of the paints that are available today are 100% acrylic coatings and will adhere to the siding. But to avoid any issue it is better to perform a test that will confirm whether your paint is adhering to the vinyl siding or not.

  • Apply the paint to smaller areas on different sides and let them dry for few days.
  • Take a knife and score the newly applied paint hard enough to penetrate the coating.
  • Take a tape and apply it over the scored area with firm pressure, and then peel it off at a sharp angle.
  • If the tape has a thin film of paint on it, this shows good adhesion while more denotes poor adhesion. However, if adhesion test fails, simply apply a coat of primer before painting with a high quality paint.

That's said, you should pay attention to the following considerations for a smooth vinyl siding process:

Things You Should Consider Before Painting Process

Choice Of Paints

Choice of the paint for painting the vinyl siding should be accurate. The paint should be of a lighter color than the original because a darker paint affects insulation and can wrap the siding. Also, it will prevent color gap that occurs generally in cold weather, the vinyl sides go back and forth slightly as the siding expands and contracts.

Acrylic Based Paints

These paints are the best to choose as they will adhere properly to the vinyl surface, last longer and please the eyes too. Also, a blend of urethane along with acrylic resins mixed with water provides excellent adhesion.

Paints such as Sherwin Williams Duration or Sears Weather Beater ULTRA, Regal Select Exterior REVIVE 544, Rust-Oleum211368, can be purchased from Amazon, they are best for vinyl side painting. Along with this Vinyl Renu 5 Gallon Siding Restoration Kit is also available that will restore color and shine to your faded vinyl siding. It is the best alternative, easier to paint and applied once in every ten years.

Painting Tools

You can use brush, roller or sprayer to paint the siding. Use synthetic fiber brushes or a lamb’s wool roller that will give your siding a smooth finish. If you are using sprayer then it should be an airless one with 0.17 gun tip for smooth application.

Painting Method

Prevent uneven painting that may damage your vinyl siding. Use long and even strokes to paint.

  • If your siding is horizontal, then paint from left to right.
  • If it is vertical, then paint up to down.
  • Altogether work from top to down to avoid any paint from dripping.

Drying Of Paint

Allow the paint to dry properly. Vinyl siding dries in almost 2 days. To test the dryness, touch the siding of the paint with your finger in an inconspicuous area. If it is not sticky, then it has dried completely.


Weather is one of the important factors that will affect how fast your paint dries. Avoid painting in weather colder than 50 F or on rainy days. Any moisture from dew or rain will ruin your freshly painted house. Also, avoid painting in the Sun because painting in sunlight can cause cracks and bubbles that will effect drying.

Wrapping Up

We hope that the above tips would be useful for you all. Coming to the question, can you paint vinyl siding? Well, yes, you can! However, make a right choice of color, form, light and sensible siding solutions for best results.

In case the above task seems tough to you, don’t hesitate in taking the help of professionals who will guide you through the process.

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