A Parent’s Guide to Building a Safe and Fun Backyard Playground

Every family home should be safe and fun for all family members. However, sometimes your kids might get bored; especially during the summer when they love spending time outside. So, why not upgrade your backyard to be safe and fun for your kids?! There are dozens of things you can do to turn your backyard into a playground, so let’s see what can fit yours the best.


Safety First

You might think that your backyard is already safe for your kids, but home playground equipment may lead to so many injuries. So, when building a playground of any sort, make sure to use sturdy and non-toxic material.

Also, make sure the equipment is age-appropriate and that every aspect of your backyard playground is secured well enough for your child to climb, run around or play with. This way you will avoid any injuries and can rest assured that your child is safe playing outside.

Chalkboard Walls

For all those kids who love drawing with chalk, chalkboard walls in your backyard are a perfect solution. Plus, you won’t have to ruin their art by washing the walkway anymore! A corner in your yard with chalkboard walls can be their little sanctuary where they can express themselves with art and have endless fun with it. Simply install it on your fence and there you go!

Backyard Tents

If you’re tired of all the forts around the house, then move that into your backyard. Backyard tents can be fun little outdoor forts where your children can play, sleep and have fun all together. They will provide so much outdoor fun and they will spark their imagination for some outdoor adventure. 

Plus, the whole family can have a weekend camping right in your backyard and gaze at the stars while telling stories.

Mini-Golf Course

If you want to introduce your kids to some sports, backyard golf can be the right fit. It will give them a daily dose of sports activities while you won’t have to worry about broken windows and fences caused by a football. You can make your own best golf clubs for the money, or take a look at fun golf putting games and turn your yard into the best mini-golf course in town.

A Swing

Make use of that huge tree in your yard and hang a swing on it. You can make one yourself with some sturdy ropes and a plank, or hang an old kid chair on the ropes and voila! Also, if you have some old tires lying around, make use of them as well and create those old-fashioned swings that you as a child used to adore.

Simply hang them, paint them into a bold color and watch your kids have endless fun on them.

A Treehouse

You probably loved spending time in your treehouse as a child, so give your kids the same opportunity to enjoy their own outdoor space. This is also a fun DIY project you can all do together, and it’s definitely a must-have! You can even decorate the treehouse with some lights and plants and have your kids engage in pretend play all day!

Just make sure the stairs or ladders are safe and sturdy enough for them to use.

A Summer Stage

Inspire some imaginative play with setting up a summer stage in your backyard. All you have to do is find some old curtains, or invest in red burlap and clip-on curtain rings and you have yourself a theater curtains. Simply hang them off your porch or a branch of a tree, set up a few chairs in front of them and let your kids play out their own little plays.

Climbing Wall

Another way to engage your kids into some summer sports is hanging up a climbing wall in your backyard. This is a perfect way for your kids to get a little exercise and develop their motor skills and physical fitness. Just make sure they have a soft spot to land on if they happen to lose grip.

Your backyard doesn’t have to be boring and dull. There are so many easy ways of turning it into a fun and safe playground for your kids. Just make sure no one gets hurt and you all will enjoy your yard to the fullest.

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