Living in Dark Rooms and Yearning for More Light? Here’s the Solution!

Living, working and even sleeping in an insufficiently lit room can be depressive and really take a toll on your motivation and willingness to do your best. That’s why you should change this situation and find sustainable ways to get more natural light into all dark rooms of your home.

Here are some of the best and most effective ideas you should try, starting today!


Living in Dark Rooms and Yearning for More Light? Here’s the Solution!

Use Mirrors

Using mirrors to maximize the amount of natural light sounds like the easiest thing in the world, but you won’t believe how efficient this idea is until you see the results. Just one large mirror placed strategically on a wall opposite your window will be able to gather all the sunlight that comes its way and reflect it on the rest of the room, thus creating the illusion of more sunlight.

Investing in mirrors shouldn’t be a problem for your monthly budget, so consider this idea as soon as possible.

Open All The Windows

Again, this seems too simple and mundane to bring any results, but it’s actually one of the simplest and most effective ways to illuminate a room – just open the windows! This way, you’ll get all the available sunlight in, no matter the season and how hot or cold outside it is.

You should keep your windows open even in the winter – some suggest doing so especially in the winter – in order to get all the fresh air into your room, as well as the light. However, while this idea is working, it’s still not everything you can do when it comes to the windows.

Add More Windows

While opening the windows is easy and practical, installing new ones will definitely require you to think about it long and hard. If your rooms are facing south, yet you still don’t get enough direct sunlight through your windows, the problem might be in their number and position.

That’s why you should consider getting some work done and installing new windows as just a couple of double-hung models can do wonders for the amount of natural light in your home. Of course, you shouldn’t do this alone, but contact reliable contractors who will get the work done in no time.

Look Up

Another great idea is going directly to the source of the problem – if you lack sunlight, open up your home to the sun! A practical skylight or two on each side of your house can solve your problems for good and prevent you from ever feeling like you’re in the dark again.

While this is another project that’s neither too complicated nor time-consuming, you might want to hire someone with experience because only with professional skylight installation can you be sure all your rooms are going to be illuminated adequately.

Repaint The Ceiling

Not everyone realizes how much wall and ceiling colors have to do with the amount of sunlight in a certain room. If you’ve opted for dark tones when painting your walls, you might, unfortunately, never be able to get enough sunlight in, so think about repainting them.

The same goes for your ceiling – if its color is lighter than the color of your walls, it will reflect more sunlight onto your room. Therefore, finding the right ceiling color and repainting it could be a simple, yet rather clever solution for your problem.


Some of the other ways to maximize the amount of natural sunlight in your dark rooms include opting for light flooring ideas, picking white furniture, installing shiny and reflective surfaces, trimming trees and bushes outside your windows and cleaning them more often than before.

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