What’s In and What’s Out: Biggest Bathroom Trends for 2018

If your bathroom hasn’t seen any upgrades and remodels since the 70s, it’s high time you gave it some attention. Take a look at what’s new in bathroom design for 2018 and feel free to implement a few of these trends into your space and bring it up to date!


Industrial Elements

If you want your bathroom to really tell a story, opt for industrial design. It’s perfect for urban apartments and contemporary homes because of its daring and modern look. So, think exposed pipes, matte black fixtures and sleek classic metro tiles. You can go even further by getting repurposed metal cabinets and reclaimed wood flooring!

Bold, Moody Colors

Last year was all about the soft and neutral colors of Scandinavian interior design, but times have changed. 2018 is more interested in bold, darker color palettes that will give your space character and make it stand out from the sea of boring, off-white bathrooms.

So, don’t be scared to invest in a lot of dark wood, matte fixtures and pitch black ceramics. Walls and floors can also be painted in dark colors. Black, hunter green, gray and rich blues are your best choices. However, if painting your whole bathroom black makes you quite uncomfortable, you can repaint only your wainscot or splash some dark color onto one statement wall.

Break the monotony and darkness with a few shiny metallic accents like silver mirror frames, gilded faucets or intricate lighting fixtures!

Elegant Shower Enclosures

Once upon a time, shower curtains ruled the bathrooms with their funny prints and intricate designs. However, they do have quite a cheap vibe that doesn’t sit right with modern homeowners. That’s why shower curtains are out and elegant glass shower enclosures are in!

They come in many variations from very minimalist, frameless doors to full-on, intricate French doors and practically everything in between! So, pick your style and give your bathroom some chic elegance that will also protect it from floods.

Comfort Above All

One of the biggest trends for 2018 is comfort itself! In this hectic world, all people need is décor elements that will make them feel and look good and relaxed. So, make sure to enrich your bathroom with items that allow you better hygiene practices, extra pampering and a lot of warmth and softness.

If you really want to boost your hygiene, there’s no better way to do so than with a bidet! This bathroom element is brutally neglected even though it has so many amazing health, hygiene and wellbeing effects. You can enjoy its benefits even if you don’t have space for a full-blown bidet model.

Today we have bidet toilet seats that get attached to a normal toilet, require no complicated installation and don’t take up any extra space! Another thing you can do to improve your comfort level is to invest in radiant floor heating or a towel warming drawer. Warm floors will make your feet toasty even during the harshest of winters and towel heater drawers (that can also warm up your bathrobes and slippers) will let you get shrouded with warmth after you get out of the shower!

Cozy Furniture

Bathrooms aren’t the usual space choice for a comfy armchair, ottoman or chaise lounge, but since 2018 is all about comfort, you must add some softness to your bathroom!

If you have space, place a nice chair next to your counter for long pampering sessions or use it instead of a side table for holding your clothes and towels! Ottomans are also a great choice, especially those with hidden under-seat storage for extra towels and bathroom necessities.

Bar Carts

Bar carts haven’t been this popular since the golden age of Hollywood, so you simply must sneak one of these carts into your bathroom! You can use it as handy storage for your soaps, shampoos and other pampering products or as a mobile makeup station! Whatever you choose to do with it, make sure to include a glass and your favorite drink. Long baths are thirsty work, so it’s always good to have a drink at hand!

Freestanding Baths

No matter how much space you have in your bathroom, you must invest in this super trendy and elegant addition. From classic claw-foot baths to more contemporary and minimalist tubs, there’s a model fit for every bathroom, lifestyle and aesthetic preference!

For extra tiny spaces, there are small models measuring less than 70 inches in length that can still provide you with an amazing soaking experience. 

Interesting Tiles

Intricate tiles, especially those pattered with Mediterranean motifs, will be huge this year. Opt for a Moroccan design or a blue-and-white Greek one and your bathroom will simply come to life! Geometric shapes will also have a spot on your wall and floor tiles and can give your bathroom a very unique look.

If you’re into whimsical and quirky designs, you can combine different types of tiles! For instance, paint your bathroom in a neutral color and give it character by mixing minimalist subway tiles, glass square tiles and mosaic-like hexagons!

After a makeover that consists of these new trends, your bathroom will feel completely fresh and look elegant and chic! It will be interesting to see what 2019 has in store for us and our bathrooms.

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