Who Makes the Best Frameless Mirror for Interior Home Décor in the USA?

Tired of finding unique ways to amplify your home space and make it worth every look? We have the best solution to all your decoration woes. Let go of all hustle-bustle and fuss and simply resort to the experienced and renowned for your home decorations.


Frameless mirrors are an exceptionally classy way to revamp your space without spending a fortune. So, if you want to maintain your budget and acquire the home of your dreams, fret not and grab the USA’s finest home décor facility. You will not regret this! Let’s find out best features of frameless miror!

Features that Determine the Quality of the Frameless Mirror

Punch in a tinge of your taste and experiment with different creative mirror ideas to construct an exceptionally different vibe of your home. Versatile and chic, these can be used in the bathroom, vanity room, bedroom, living room and even the hallway of your house. Let’s find out best features of frameless mirror.

Glass Thickness

Like the quality of anything at all, the glass thickness speaks volumes about the quality of a mirror. Although the glass thickness can vary depending upon the requirement of the client and the need for the space, an ideal mirror is that with a ¼ thickness.

This is significantly helpful because it does not deviate the reflections caused by that mirror even if the wall behind it is not flat. So, remember to look thoroughly for a mirror with perfect thickness. You do not want to miss a good one, right?

Refinement of Edges

Just like all that gold is not glitter, similarly, looking at the surface of the mirror alone is not sufficient. You must keep an eye on the edges too. Worn out, rough edges are a signal of a low-quality mirror that does not deserve your money and space. Just feel the edges of the mirror, and we promise your sense of touch can tell tales about the mirror quality. Isn’t it so?

Material on the Mirror Back

Believe it or not, the mirror quality can be easily explored through the materials used on the back of the mirror. Different back coatings result in different reflectivity standards of the mirror. For example, a silver coating on the back surface of the mirror means that the mirror is of a great quality. Silver coatings ensure 95 % reflectivity.

Yikes! Such a mirror might also have quite some coatings of a sealer to prevent the silver from fading away.

Likewise, a mirror wall must contain a safety coating that curbs the mirror from shattering everywhere. It allows the mirror to break into a spider web-like form only. Surprisingly, even aluminum coats do wonders for the mirror. Aluminum coatings can provide lots of reflectivity of the mirror too. Yet, it can be difficult to clean and to maintain.

Beveled with Preciseness

A high-quality frameless mirror is beveled to precision and with extreme care. Its edges are cut and furbished with a specific angle and size. This ensures an unparalleled elegance and a prim and proper look. 

Such mirrors have their edges relatively thinner, while the center is usually with a ¼ thickness. An eye-catching visual effect is created through a one-inch width at the edges. So, if you want the best of a high-quality mirror, carefully inspect the mirror first!

Who is the Best Frameless Mirror Manufacturer in the USA?

If you want an experience of high-quality, top-notch mirrors at home, go no further and opt for Fab Glass and Mirror. We provide a vast range of mirrors ranging from exquisite frameless mirror designs to ones with frames. There is something to offer anyone.

Whether you want to create a modern, clean, and classic aesthetic at home, or create a regal embodiment of your taste, Fab Glass and Mirror can provide you with a bunch of options. Grab high-quality frameless decorative wall mirrors and add a tinge of zeal and vigor to your home. Isn’t it the best when your living space is comfortable yet spick and span?

Why Choose Fab Glass and Mirror?

Guess what? Fab Glass and Mirror provides distinct varieties of frameless bathroom mirrors too. We have multiple shapes and designs such as arch wall mirrors, octagon mirrors, diamond wall mirrors, oval wall mirrors, rectangle wall mirrors, round wall mirrors, square wall mirrors and even wavy wall mirrors. Isn’t it an amazing opportunity for you to get your hands on a bunch of different styles of frameless mirrors? We know you are nodding in agreement!

And most of all, Fab Glass and Mirror provides the much-awaited opportunity for you to get customized mirrors. No matter what shape or size simply contact us and let go of all mirror blues. Place your trust in Fab Glass and Mirror and visualize your home transformation into everything you have ever wanted!

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