Top 7 Interesting Bathroom Trends of 2019

The new year is still fresh, which means it’s the perfect time to freshen up some of your most used living spaces, and where better to start than in the bathroom? New styles surface every year, but there are a few trends which never really go out of fashion, whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or more space for your creams and potions.


Overhauled Spaces

Over the past few years, bathrooms have made a transition from a place of personal hygiene into a haven of relaxation, and one of the best ways to achieve that feeling is to create a larger space. Depending on your budget, this could be a great opportunity to take advantage of dead space around the bathroom and give the room a brand new shape by taking out a few walls.

If your available space (or budget) doesn’t lend itself to an extension, you could achieve a similar effect by simply clearing as much clutter as possible to give the impression of a larger room.

Storage Solutions

Your bathroom will never look the part if it’s constantly submerged in clutter and half-used products, so once the available space has been determined, building in smart and stylish storage options is a great investment.

This could be as simple as tracking down a freestanding vanity cabinet with storage space underneath or building in a set of hanging cupboards on the wall - whatever you do, it is guaranteed to make the space feel trendier.

Statement Upgrades

The bath remains a statement piece of furniture and a key feature of your bathroom. If your bath is looking a bit worse for wear, then perhaps now is a great time to choose a new one. Before you start shopping, it’s important to get familiar with the dimensions of your bathroom, as well as the shape and material you prefer, and consider what kind of features you want, from the seating to the taps.

A conjoining area for the tub and shower is right on trend for the coming year, so if you like the idea, account for shower space when you take measurements. Note, that whilst this can be done as a DIY project, it is probably advisable to hire professionals when approaching this particular improvement.

Asymmetrical Accessories

Unusual shapes are likely to make their way into bathrooms this year, particularly in the arrangement of cabinets and shelves, but if you prefer a straight-edge look, you can still integrate this trend without making too many changes. It could be as simple as an angled mirror or a new trough-style sink with a unique shape - even small additions can help bring your bathroom into the new year.

A word of warning, though - if you are wanting to highlight a statement accessory, avoid going overboard with other pieces, or else you’re likely to end up with a host of clashes.

Natural Colours And Materials

The popularity of shades like soft greens and greys is looking like a steady trend for 2019, with many homeowners yearning for a more natural feeling inside, in what can often be seen as a sterile room. These colour schemes are also the perfect backdrop to furniture and accessories inspired by nature.

Bringing the outside in has proven popular, particularly in the form of natural stone, wood, and coloured marbles, and allows for small edits or additions rather than significant budget-busting changes. Live plants also look likely to find a happy home in bathrooms this year, lifting the nature game to a new level. 

Smart Technology

The trend of automation throughout the home is growing by the day, and the bathroom is no exception to this rule. You can expect to see automated lighting systems and smart showers take hold in the year to come, and by December they may be already taken for granted. These upgrades are all in the name of comfort and luxury, enabling you to control your experience in your new favourite room with the touch of a button.   


The bathroom is a great opportunity to try out statement lighting fixtures, whether you’re going for a rustic coppery look or a sleek silver fitting. Just don’t throw all of your efforts into finding the one - this year, small, practical lighting options will also get their time to shine.

With an emphasis on functionality and effectiveness, you can expect to see more small, bright lights around, perfect for catching any flaws in your makeup or food in your teeth.


The bathroom is a mainstay on the short list of essential spaces in any home, which means any quality upgrades you invest in will translate to a more pleasant at-home experience for your family and any visitors, as well as plenty of added value in the long run.

It doesn’t have to blow out your budget, either, as long as you’re careful in choosing which trends to invest in and which to avoid - small, tasteful updates are often all you need to bring a great bathroom into the new year.

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