What Features to Look For in a Backyard Shed Supplier in Sydney? 

It is lovely to have a house with a backyard. The extra space allows you to spend quality time with your family, host parties, build swings, play games, or even grow a garden.


Backyards are a big hit in Sydney, with buyers choosing to buy a house with one, even by spending extra money. The average backyard size in the cities on the East Coast, including Sydney, is around 8,560 square feet.

If you live in a home with a yard, it is a good idea to consider getting a garden shed where you can store your gardening tools, petrol, herbicides, pesticides, and other hardware that takes up a lot of space, making your home look cluttered.

A shed combines the benefits of functionality with aesthetics, and properties with these structures have a higher value in the real estate market than those without. Further, they let you utilise your extra space instead of letting it lie unused.

Before getting a shed for your garden, here are some things worth knowing.

Choosing Easy-to-Install Sheds

It is better to order your shed from a supplier whose sheds are easy to install without requiring heavy tools or involving complicated procedures. You should ask them if the structures are available as pre-assembled panels, making installation a straightforward process.

All you need to do with pre-assembled structures is screw the panels together and fix the shed securely to the ground. If you have doubts, the supplier will probably provide step-by-step tutorial videos explaining the procedure.

Having a garden shed installed by tradespersons in Sydney is expensive since they charge between 1,700 AUD to 4,500 AUD, depending on the size of the structure. You can save that money by handling the assembly process yourself.

Features to Look Out For

Basesmart Technology

The supplier must use base-smart technology to manufacture these structures since it enhances their design and functionality.  

For example, the presence of an L-shaped member at the bottom prevents the buildup of corrosion which is common with a U-shaped channel system. It is a self-flushing system that maintains the fresh look of your shed by preventing rusting.

Made of Thicker Steel

You should ask the supplier which steel quality they use to build the shed.
Thicker gauge steel with a thickness of at least 0.35 millimetres is strong and better than the average. 

However, if you want maximum strength for your backyard structure, you should select corrugated steel with a gauge of 0.47 millimetres. The supplier should meet the Australian design standards such as AS 4100, AS 4600, and AS 2327.

N4 Wind Rating

It is vital to ask your backyard shed supplier in Sydney if their structure meets the N4 wind rating. N denotes non-cyclonic or a region without cyclonic winds. Level 4 refers to wind speeds not exceeding 180 kilometres per hour. 

Your shed should be correctly installed on a concrete slab with the necessary fixing screws to ensure minimal chances of damage. Sydney receives the most winds between October to January, with wind speeds hardly exceeding 8 miles per hour.


A good supplier will provide accessories such as windows, skylights, door options, and shelves to store items off the floor. 

 You should get a high-gauge steel shed for your backyard as it provides the best security and functionality and utilises your space efficiently. However, it is advisable to check its features and qualities such as the ones mentioned above before ordering one.

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