5 Ways to Achieve a Luxurious Feel for Your Home

The notion of luxury has changed and evolved over the years, and even though it’s still regarded as something overly expensive and prominent, the term can also signify that unique upscale vibe that permeates a home – sans the inflated price tags, that is. Whether or not you have money to spend on lavish decor and authentic furniture pieces is beside the point here, as there are plenty of ways to achieve a luxurious feel in your home without breaking the proverbial bank.


All you need to do is to organize your living environment accordingly, and make some small but powerful changes that will allow the luxurious look to come to life. Here are the five upscale decorating tips you should take to heart.

Neutral Colors for a Luxurious Foundation

The foundation of the interior plays a vital role in luxe design, and rather than choosing vibrant colors or overly-complicated wallpaper patterns, you want to keep it simple and timeless. Beauty lies in simplicity, so the first step to creating a luxurious feel in your home is to keep the color scheme neutral. Don’t worry, this doesn’t meant that pure white is all you have to work with.

Achieve a Luxurious Feel for Your Home

The distinct look of sophistication and class can expand from almost any off-white hue as well, such as champagne, eggshell, and of course, ivory. Bear in mind that black hues are also considered highly luxurious, so don’t be afraid to experiment with pure black and charcoal. These darker hues work wonderfully in areas where intimacy and peace are needed, such as the den or the gentleman’s study.

Choose your Furniture Wisely

Achieve a Luxurious Feel for Your Home

When it comes to decor, the furniture pieces you choose can make all the difference. Again, simplicity reigns supreme here, so you want to go with something timeless, up-scale, pieces that exude quality and craftsmanship. Luckily, you needn’t settle for traditional ornate furniture if that’s not your cup of tea, as there are plenty of modern options to choose from.

One thing is certain, though – you cannot go wrong with leather and natural elements. Leather is timeless and beautiful, it emanates a powerful feeling of sophistication and wealth, and it should a prominent place in your household. Nowadays, you needn’t choose real leather as there are faux leather brands that make their pieces indistinguishable from genuine leather, all the while aiding the preservation of the environment.

Pay Special Attention to the Floor

One of the most important elements of a luxurious home is the floor design. Surprisingly, this is where homeowners make their biggest design mistake, as failing to tend to the floors can leave the room feeling incomplete and everything but luxurious.

To create a distinct upscale look, choose natural flooring such as hardwood, but don’t forget to cover up every key area with an equally sophisticated natural rug to complete the design of the room. There is nothing that can throw off the vibe in the room like an incomplete seating area or a bare floor where a comfortable rug should be, so the key is to allow the hardwood floor to shine in all its glory, but complemented with a distinct feeling of comfort, beauty, and intimacy that a carpet brings to the interior.

Embrace a Semi-Minimalist Mindset

Achieve a Luxurious Feel for Your Home

In a luxurious home, there can be no room for clutter. Not only does the physical clutter build emotional clutter over time, but it can also negatively impact the design of every room and destroy everything you worked so hard to build. With that in mind, embracing a semi-minimalist mindset would be a wise idea. If not, then you should at least tend to thorough decluttering regularly, and organize your living space for minimal distractions.

Going fully minimalist is also not the ideal solution, as it can take the design of the interior in a completely different direction, stripping it bare of the accents and decor elements that make it truly luxurious. To avoid this, focus on creating strategic accents and focal points.

Emphasize Luxurious Accents Throughout

Achieve a Luxurious Feel for Your Home

The last piece of this luxurious puzzle is the accents and focal points you introduce in every room. These should serve the purpose of emphasizing certain areas, and should be allowed to breathe, so don’t group them together and refrain from cluttering.

You can start by building the focal point of the room. In the kitchen, this would be a breathtaking gray marble island, while the living room should enjoy a sophisticated seating area dominated by a leather sectional. Follow this mindset to create a focal point in every room, and then work your way around the edges, introducing artwork on the walls, statement vases on the windowsills, and ornate decor on the side tables and shelves.


Luxury is a relative term nowadays, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t several key pillars that make a home truly luxurious. With these tips in mind, go ahead and imbue your living environment with style and sophistication without putting a dent in the family budget.


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